Friday, November 5, 2010

Who is the cheater on The Apprentice?

My two cents on The Apprentice
Who is the cheater?
Let’s take a vote.

Both teams are summoned to the boardroom for some disturbing news. Apparently, one of the contestants sent out text messages to friends and associates asking them to bring out money to Trump towers during a previous task. This is a violation of the rules.
So far there were only tow tasks that were judged based on the sales.
  1. The Ice-cream task (click here for the ice-cream task) which had Poppy as PM of Fortitude and David as PM of Octane.
  2. The New York Pedicab tour task (click here for the task) that had Anand as PM of team Octane and Kelly as PM of Fortitude.

Assuming that this is someone that is still in the competition (the person that sent the texts might have lied that they were PM) then this leaves Poppy and Anand.
Poppy was PM for the ice-cream task. From what was shown, it looked like the girls were lagging behind in terms of sales. Based on what we saw on the show, it was a surprise that they won. Could Poppy be the one?
Anand was PM for the New York Pedicab tour task. The men had a better product. They also staked out Trump towers and targeted the tourists here. The women chose Wall street and that did not work out too well for them. However, the men still had a very significant win over the ladies. Could this person be Anand? Apparently he is an entrepreneur in NYC and would probably have a lot of connections there.

This would be very unfortunate since he is such a strong candidate.

Stay tuned.

Week 8: 4-page advert for Donald J. Trump Signature line for shirts, cuff-links and ties

My two cents on The Apprentice
Week 8
Task : 4-page advert for Donald J. Trump Signature line for shirts, cuff-links and ties
Judged on:
  • Creativity
  • Brand Integration
  • Overall Presentation

Week 8 of this reality TV job interview and the competition is getting really hot.
Anand calls out Stephanie with regards to the missing contact information in Team Fortitude’s marketing materials. Stephanie does not take it kindly that Anand has taken it upon himself to point out the truth that she lied to Mr. Trump; (at least according to what transpired in the boardroom).

The contestant to watch though, is Brandy. She clearly explains how she took Mahsa (the strongest member of Team Fortitude) down essentially taking care of her biggest problem.

Thankfully, Mr. Trump finally shuffles the teams.  I love how Anand and Stephanie end up in the same team especially after the minor altercation that they had in the suite after the last task.
Brandy steps up as PM of Team Octane and takes a “sex sells” approach. This makes Liza a tad bit uncomfortable. Team Octane produces a campaign focusing on wealth, power and sexual prowess. Brandy is a bit nervous during the presentation and fumbles a bit. However this pales in comparison to just how racy the spread looks. The Macy’s executive even mentions that he is not sure if he would be comfortable using the campaign, since they are a store that sells to families.
David is PM for team Fortitude. The team quickly agrees on a black and white theme pitched by Anand. The background and models will be sort of washed out and then the important items, ties, cuff-links and shirts will stand out in vivid color. Unfortunately, David takes this idea and runs away with it. He ignores any further input from Poppy and Anand. He promptly sends Anand to the bench with a bag full of expletives. He is also extremely condescending towards Poppy. David is so overconfident that he has a brilliant idea that he fails to notice small but important details like the shirts should fit the models properly or brand integration which is a key performance factor for this task. He needs to be careful though since pride usually comes before a fall. David offers a decent presentation, unfortunately, what sticks out like a sore thumb is the fact that the main model on the front page does not fit into the shirt. The collar is too big for his neck. Maybe they should have picked a different model or tried to pick shirts of different sizes.
Enter the boardroom...
Is it time for David to go home? He owns up to 90% of the task. Bad mistake. If they lose, then he is definitely going home.
David claims he picked all the models. He just picked the first model that he saw and stuck with him. I am surprised that the executives chose Octane’s ad even though it was considered racy. If only he had listened to Anand and Poppy. He does not give credit to Poppy for the fact that she was in charge of the actual design.
It is unfortunate that David thinks Stephanie is going to back him. Stephanie knows that in this case, it would be easier to get David fired and not Poppy or Anand, especially after listening to their arguments about how David shut Anand and Poppy down.
David decides to keep Stephanie in the boardroom since she agreed with him during the task but turned around and suggested that he should be fired.
He lets Anand go back to the suite. It would be a tougher battle for David if Anand stayed on. I guess David thinks it’s going to be extremely easy to throw Poppy under the bus.
Unfortunately, the writing is on the wall. David, “the virus” is finally fired after admitting that he is the boss.

Stay tuned...