Friday, November 5, 2010

Who is the cheater on The Apprentice?

My two cents on The Apprentice
Who is the cheater?
Let’s take a vote.

Both teams are summoned to the boardroom for some disturbing news. Apparently, one of the contestants sent out text messages to friends and associates asking them to bring out money to Trump towers during a previous task. This is a violation of the rules.
So far there were only tow tasks that were judged based on the sales.
  1. The Ice-cream task (click here for the ice-cream task) which had Poppy as PM of Fortitude and David as PM of Octane.
  2. The New York Pedicab tour task (click here for the task) that had Anand as PM of team Octane and Kelly as PM of Fortitude.

Assuming that this is someone that is still in the competition (the person that sent the texts might have lied that they were PM) then this leaves Poppy and Anand.
Poppy was PM for the ice-cream task. From what was shown, it looked like the girls were lagging behind in terms of sales. Based on what we saw on the show, it was a surprise that they won. Could Poppy be the one?
Anand was PM for the New York Pedicab tour task. The men had a better product. They also staked out Trump towers and targeted the tourists here. The women chose Wall street and that did not work out too well for them. However, the men still had a very significant win over the ladies. Could this person be Anand? Apparently he is an entrepreneur in NYC and would probably have a lot of connections there.

This would be very unfortunate since he is such a strong candidate.

Stay tuned.


  1. From the preview clip - "I am in front of Trump Tower. Bring $50. I am PM. I am close to the top." The guys were in front of Trump Tower for the pedicab ride, Anand was the PM, and has NYC connections. My money is Anand.

  2. MarQ, I want to agree with you but if you look at the clip, Mr. Trump seems to point towards the side where Clint, Liza and Brandy were sitting.
    Again, this could just be effects of editing.
    My first bet was Anand, but then I thought, why make it so obvious. We will wait and see.