Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 5: Fashion show for Rockport Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear

My two cents on The Apprentice
Week 5
Task: Fashion show for Rockport Spring/Summer 2011 Footwear.
Judged on: The team that presents the best fashion show that brings out the walkability of the brand wins.

Week 5’s task is to present a fashion show for Rockport Spring/Summer 2011 footwear.
The team that presents the best fashion show that brings out the walkability of the brand wins.

I think its time to have the teams reshuffled.
I like the look on Brandy’s face when Mahsa comes back from the boardroom. She mentions that Mahsa’s finger does not belong in the corporate world.
Stephanie steps up as PM for the ladies’ team and immediately sets the tone; “do your job and if you do it, we’ll win”.She carefully delegates the tasks and clearly explains what each team member is supposed to do. Kelly suggests that for the finale they should bring all the models out in their underwear. I think the ladies are probably still recovering from the fact that they did not push the envelope on the previous task. But I think going to the extreme on this current task might come off as tacky.
The ladies look  like they have the task in control. Their preparation for the task seems very smooth, the division of labour is very distinct. However, Kelly should have done something about the man with scabs all over his legs. Probably have him modeling trousers not shorts. As if that was not enough, the ladies still insisted on having the men come out in their underwear for the grand finale. From the expressions in the crowd, this was not such a smart move. The MC is very fluent and her presentation matches well with the modeling. Her narration truly keeps the audience glued and entertained and brings out the walk-ability aspect of the Rockport shoes.

In team Octane,Wade finally gets his chance to be PM. He appoints David and Gene as MCs. Considering the fact that David had a recent dental malfunction, it would have been safe to have him perform other duties because he might have been on pain killers. Also, David is sort of a loose cannon and having observed him in the previous tasks and in the boardroom, I doubt he can work up a crowd. At least not the sort of crowd that you would find in a fashion show. As the show progresses we see chaos during the rehearsals. It’s not really clear how Dave and Gene were supposed to share the role of MC and they have a difficult time collaborating on their task. This clearly shows during both the preparations and the rehearsals. Dave makes fun during the rehearsals. As the PM, wade should have stepped in and tried to save the situation.During the fashion show, Gene mixes up the names of the shoes and the names of the models. David abandons Gene on stage. It’s funny that Wade should mention the only way they can win is if the women sent naked models out.
Enter the boardroom...
The men were so terrible that Mr. Trump promptly sent Fortitude back to the suite and kept all the men in the boardroom.
The clear choice would be to fire Wade. He was a hands off PM. He did delegate the duties but when Dave and Gene were rehearsing, Wade should have realized that they would not deliver as MCs. He should have tested their public speaking skills. Mr. Trump says Dave should have chosen Steuart and Anand as MCs. Unfortunately this power duo cannot do everything. They were already in charge of casting and dressing the models.
On the other hand, Gene and Dave should be fired for not delivering as MCs and that is ultimately why the men lost. It is interesting how David would jump in and try to discredit Anand and Steuart (who have done a great job on all the tasks so far) and yet he pretty much demanded to be MC and then he ran away from the stage when he realized that Gene was messing up.
Eventually, Gene and Wade are fired. I think that Dave should have been fired too. I would have really liked to see how far Gene would have gone in this competition. I think he has great potential and he is very competitive. As for Wade, he probably did not know exactly what to do to manage David’s passion.
Once again, David survives the boardroom. He truly is like the proverbial cat with nine lives.

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