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Week 6: Create and Sell a Pedicab tour of New York City.

My two cents on The Apprentice
Week 6
Task : Create and Sell a Pedicab Tour of New York City
Judged on: Sales

Week 6’s task is to Create and Sell a Pedicab tour of New York City.
All the contestants need to:
  • Pass the test and get the license
  • Design a tour and sell it
  • Peddle their behinds off across NYC.
Obviously, the team with the most sales wins.

It’s back to the suite and Liza faces a cat attack from her feline teammates. Kelly lets us in on a little secret; all the other ladies have been trying to get rid of Liza and she has been defending her. She promises to stop defending Liza from now on. I don’t think Liza needs defending. She’s a strong player, sincere and very respectful of her team members. The problem with her teammates is that they want to play dirty. Every time Liza has pointed out something it was a genuine comment. It’s Liza against the world, literally.
I am glad that Kelly steps up to be PM. She has been in the shadows for most of the previous tasks. I think she was OK on the last task except for not acting on the man with scabby feet and for suggesting the tacky finale. (Read Week 5 blog here).
Unfortunately, Kelly and Mahsa do not pass the test pedicab riding test. This is a huge blow to the team since it means that they have two less drivers.
The ladies decide to target Wall Street’s lunch time crowd and use their sex appeal to attract the men. Since Kelly is a bit hesitant about this concept she should strongly voice her opinion at this point. And she does have a valid point. Men on Wall Street are busy. People that work on Wall Street use their lunches for quick impromptu meetings or informal consultations.Hopefully the ladies’ sex appeal can save them.
The ladies’ team starts to panic when they do not make any sales for a couple of hours but why is Liza announcing that they have free rides without consulting the rest of the team?
Mahsa throws a fit because Kelly tells Eric Trump that Poppy is doing really well in sales. She goes on to say that Poppy is only 23 years old with no experience and no leadership abilities. But hello, she is selling and that’s all that matters at this particular time.
Brandy couldn't have put it better; “Mahsa is overbearing. People that are truly confident in themselves don’t need to tell other people how wonderful they are”.
Maybe Kelly shouldn’t have singled out Poppy since all the girls worked hard to bring in the crowd. What an outcry it created. If the girls end up in the boardroom, Mahsa and Stephanie will definitely not defend Kelly.
I wonder why they are wasting precious time fighting instead of bagging those last minute sales.
In team Octane David has  clearly declared war on Steuart. Anand steps up to be PM.I am looking forward to a great performance. From his contributions in the boardroom, I think he has the exposure and skills needed to run a small business. He’s a small business owner too, so that’s a plus for him.
Anand is very focused and is doing a great job so far as PM. They focus on pre-sales a day in advance and try to create a buzz about their new venture.They also add value to the pedicab ride by running it as a roman chariot. Very smart. Buyers always look for the “it” factor that would make them patronize one business and not the competitor.
David immediately checks out from the task. He is not contributing any ideas. He lurks in the background and when he comes to the forefront, he is just there to create a disturbance.His defence “he always likes to ruffle feathers because it gives him a rise and its funny”. I do not think a potential employer would like such a character in his team. David’s tour ride is despicable. He tells a sad tale of how he no longer has money and that’s why his wife left him. No one wants to pay for a pedicab tour to listen to someone else’s marital problems. There are too many TV shows that focus on that and they are free. Overall, the men look like they are doing pretty well in sales. They chose a really good location, right outside Trump Towers. A prime location to meet tourists.
Enter the boardroom...
Clint begs and implores Mr. Trump to rid the team of the plague manifested as David. David clearly states that he does not respect anyone. There should at least be one person that he can work with. He is immature, disrespectful and lacks focus. The men trumped the women hands down.
And why is it not surprising that Kelly would say Liza has the best opportunity for growth. Liza runs her own business for Pete’s sake. A business that was very successful before the recession. I actually think that Kelly is currently the weakest player in team Fortitude.
For once Mahsa is not very confident that they won.
The ladies are out to get Liza. In a task that they clearly lost because of choosing a poor location and an ineffective PM, they still pick on Liza. Mahsa and the three blondes all pick on Liza because they know that if it boils down to the location, they would all be in jeopardy.
Kelly made two huge mistakes in bringing Stephanie and Liza back to the boardroom.
Stephanie did choose the location together with Mahsa, Brandy and Poppy. However, she is one tough cookie. She is not going down.
Ivanka and Mr. Trump already pointed out that it was not really Liza’s fault that she couldn’t sell on Wall Street. Men on Wall Street are too busy to ride a pedicab.It is clear that Liza will not be fired. I am glad that she distanced herself for the “boardroom fight” between Kelly and Stephanie.
Unfortunately, Kelly has nothing on Stephanie, who went on to paint a very clear picture of what a bad PM Kelly was. She pointed out how Kelly delegated everything to her.
In the end, Kelly is fired and I totally agree with Mr. Trump on this one. 

Stephanie is the contestant to watch. Her ferocity really caught me off guard me on this one! I think she's gonna try to sink her teeth into her teammates jugular, getting rid of them one by one.

Stay tuned...

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